Friday, December 12, 2014

Upcoming Reviews


I must see the following:

The Imitation Game
The Theory of Everything

Yes, they're dramas, but let's face it - the best stories tend to generate the best music! Consider Gravity and Steven Price for instance. Or Forrest Gump and Alan Silvestri. Or a host of others.

Today I am perusing more soundtracks in search of the best music - I'm mostly caught up. Mostly. You can watch some new, fun trailers on Youtube :)

Stay tuned for (gasp!) actual film music reviews on the above-mentioned movies.



  1. A very good point!
    I know you are primarily interested by orchestral scores, but would be interested what you think of Neil Young's score for Jim Jarmusch's 1995 off-beat Johnny Depp dark-western "DEAD MAN" and Ry Cooder's score for the great Western "THE LONG RIDERS" (I think Dead Man is on Netflix streaming) :)

  2. Also Sally, I have noticed that some of the best scoring is being done on television series. Back in the day the composers that wrote for Star Trek franchise once it was re-booted: Dennis McCarthy, Jay Chattaway, and of course the great Jerry Goldsmith. Also I urge you check out Bear McCreary's great scoring of the current tv show: MARVEL's AGENTS OF SHIELD (now streaming season one on Netflix)

  3. I will do that! Yes TV series are really cranking out some decent (sometimes surpassing the films) quality scoring ... stay tuned for my reviews of Dead Man, and the Long Riders!