Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cold weather = more songs...

Hi readers,

Well, it seems winter is in fact making an appearance, meaning it's time to
make good use of time, keep writing songs and music....indoor days!

So far written about 2 more songs after Where the Road Leads; one being a silly
Cat Song that depicts Georgie, my cat, when she's none too happy. The other is in
a more serious vein, but have struggled with lyrics; and as such I haven't thought
of a title either---it's in E flat with a catchy chorus.

Working on transcriptions again today, and have finished up the Braveheart Finale
for duo piano :) Thinking it'll be Ben Hur suite -- stay tuned, and don't touch
that dial!

P.S. -- A composer worth exploration is Jeremy Soule, who's actually a video game
composer...he's done the OST for the recent Skyrim game!