Thursday, March 8, 2012

Transcribing and songs

Hi readers,

Well - the list of songs for transcriptions has been whittled down quite a bit, and I'm excited about the newer projects in particular. Also - a couple songs are still in the works, but have taken a break for a bit of house remodelling....which of course never goes as one plans....

So far the original song tally stands as follows:

Where the Road Leads
[No title] - almost 3 verses - slower
Everthing's Better With Cheese
A Million Ways
Boxes (still deciding on that title)

And a note of sadness, the passing of Robert Sherman. He and his brother Richard were responsible for "It's a Small World" and dozens of other magical Disney songs from the good old days. On a more personal note, it was the score to the Chitty film that almost singlehandedly got me into my life's work of accompanying, singing, and attempting to compose :)