Saturday, February 19, 2011

Finally writing, in spite of a setback

Hello readers,

The funds for the Mac are slower than I thought due to some unexpected expenses :(
Nevertheless, I trudge onward! Got myself 2 new soundtracks:

The Bourne Supremacy [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

The Dark Knight - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The pieces I'm finally now writing are derived from a Broadway style---my first being
"Sumthin Else" (jazz flavor) and the next I want to call "Where did the morning go?"
With any luck, some of the fragmentary musical ideas I've had in my head will
be included :)

Note to self: the theme I call "american dream" is combined with the ascending
A/G and b-minor/G.

So far I've been too organized, too busy to find the time to write music,
but today -- TODAY -- should be a real start. The more I practice, the better I'll get.
Sorry Brahms, your rhapsody in b-minor already has a place in posterity!

Stay tuned - don't touch that dial!