Thursday, January 1, 2015


Hello readers!

As 2014 closed, I went to see the film "Unbroken", with a score by Alexandre Desplat....

A well-done score for this dramatic film; almost immediately I was pulled into the storyline - a few vocals and deep bass opened 'Unbroken' with a WWII backdrop - and Desplat did a nice job of letting the story tell itself, with places significant in their use of no background music.

The several times that Louis (main character) has flashbacks feature a bit of solo piano with strings - nothing close to over-done. Perhaps the most moving point of the film - for me anyway - had a nice build, musically, as the protagonist has a defining moment of true triumph. I won't spoil it for you, but you will know when that moment is when you see it ;)

The film focused on Louis' time as a POW in Japan, and the music complemented the story well, also using elements of Japanese ethnic music (flute, percussion) to highlight the plot. You can buy the OST on amazon:

If you're a Desplat fan, it's worth the buy - if not, a track or two on GooglePlay will get you the essentials!

A brief note -- if you would like me to review a piece of music (and with Youtube, there's almost nothing inaccessible) - theme, commercial, score - I will do that and submit my 2 cents! Primarily I gravitate to orchestral scores, but, we all need a push out of the comfort zone ... !

Happy New Year!