Sunday, July 25, 2010

Some good advice : )

Hello again :)

Some good advice from a recent link on ASCAP ~

Ron Jones has some very timely, great tips on the composing process and being a success or "success" if you like ;) I'd like to be a member of ASCAP and start networking a bit here in the midwest.

Some progress on researching computers, gear, and IDEAS. Remember, if you don't have the gear yet, WRITE your ideas down. Have a vision and practice your craft.

On that note, I'm writing my transcriptions, and am also going to devote part of each day - 2 hrs or more - to composing or arranging. This will have to do with harmonic ideas and percussive effects....fresh ideas should invigorate the mind.

No luck with the accompanying job prospects so far - if I don't hear from Bonner Springs h.s. I'm going to assume the worst. Meanwhile, going to increase my availability at Meyer Music and use the rest of my time wisely.

Stay tuned. Don't touch that computer dial :)