Monday, February 4, 2013

Advanced transcriptions

Hi readers,

I've been slowly working on some new songs - one that very recently just
"flowed" like few others have. Don't what the title will be.

Meantime - I am REALLY going to try finishing up my list of transcription projects; some
of these are just downright intimidating. They may or may not be written on Finale:

Ben-Hur - Prelude, Love Theme, Parade of the Charioteers

Magnificent 7

Sound of Music Organ processional (currently pencilling out on staff paper)

Olympic Fanfare

E.T. Flying Theme

Got me enough new songs I might try splicing them into some kind of musical or play ;)


  1. That MAGNIFICENT 7 transcription sounds fascinating! Here's to the Musical Muse that burns in you brightly! :)

  2. It's tough gettin around to it! Fraid I'm "old school" too, as computer programs can take some getting used to. Pencil and staff paper are best when in a hurry....!